All trips involve activities and have minimum activity requirements.

All KS Lecture Series (KS) trips require walking and oft times other physical exertion. Each trip will include an activity rating that you will be asked to read, confirm you have read and agree to at the time your place is reserved.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a solo traveler you are responsible for yourself, your possessions, your physical fitness, and all other aspects related to participation in the KS tour you have selected.

Because of this requirement, KS tours are generally not suitable for anyone who is physically challenged, walking impaired, or is a slow walker that cannot keep up with the pace of the group.

It would be inappropriate, and you should not expect, assistance from the other travelers, who must look after themselves. This includes the KS Trip Leader. The Trip Leader’s own personal responsibilities and her duties to the group preclude her from assisting individual travelers with their luggage, or any other needs that may arise as a result of mobility issues, whether those mobility issues existed prior to the tour or occur during the tour.

The KS Trip Leader will be happy to discuss actions a traveler can take to work around or solve problems as situations occur; however, any additional transportation expenses, hired services, missed activities, etc. will not be reimbursed by KS Lectures.

If you have questions about activity levels or your personal responsibilities, contact Ken Sorensen at 480-285-9477 or Michele Peters at 314-323-1897 BEFORE you reserve your place on the trip.

The Overall Amount of Activity: A Rating System

The activity level for each trip is stated under the “Important Details” tab, Activity Rating.

KS Lectures rates the overall amount of activity or exertion required or necessary to participate in the tour as a percentage of easy, moderate and strenuous – for a total of 100%.

Example of activity level rating:

  • 75% Easy (extensive city walking involved)
  • 15% Moderate (overland travel (i.e. no roads) by jeep)
  • 10% Strenuous (walking in soft sand and up hills)

Activity levels are subjective and based on the reader’s interpretation of what she/he evaluates as easy, moderate and hard. Be aware, most everyone overestimates their abilities. Therefore, it is your responsibility to read the itinerary and understand what you are doing throughout the tour.


Preparing For Your Tour

Do you walk regularly and/or exercise 3 times a week? Then you will probably do fine. Remember, jet lag, the excitement of travel, new places, new people and new experiences might take their toll, but they shouldn’t prohibit your participation for the entire adventure. If, however, you don’t walk regularly and exercise, you may have problems in overcoming jet lag and dealing with everything else. Lack of a certain level of fitness can lead to stress and illness while traveling.

Our suggestions:

  • Start a walking program 3 months before traveling, working up to walking 1 hour (that’s about 3 miles at a normal walking pace) without stopping.
  • Make sure you can manage your luggage unassisted. Pack everything you plan to bring and carry it around the house, including going up and down stairs. If you can’t do this comfortably at home, you will probably not be able to do it while traveling. Re-pack and try again until you are able to comfortably manage your luggage. Start light to leave room and ability to add purchases and still be able to manage your things as the tour progresses.

Travel and Risk

PLEASE READ AND REMEMBER: irrespective of the activity level, travel has its own inherent risks, up to and including death. KS Lectures will take all reasonable precautions regarding the safety of our travelers. It is your responsibility to determine your level of risk tolerance and to decide whether you should go on the tour, or participate in the included activities. 

Per KS Lectures policies, KS Lectures is not responsible for the actions, expenses or harm incurred by travelers who, through their own actions or through the advice/actions of other travelers, disregard the instructions of the KS Lectures representative(s) and trip leaders, engage in activities with other travelers that cause harm, depart from the planned activities of the tour, or follow the instructions of a non-KS Lectures representative(s). In other words, please just use common sense, listen when instructions are given, and avoid anything that could endanger yourself or others.

A Final Reminder

KEN SORENSEN LECTURES makes an honest effort to properly describe the overall activity level and/or exertion necessary to participate in each trip. It is YOUR responsibility to READ the itinerary and determine if you are capable of physically handling the activities.  If you have any doubt or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 314-323-1897 or via email at with subject line: Questions re Travel.