Roberto Clemente – The ball player & the humanitarian

He came from Puerto Rico with mixed heritage (latino & black). As a child, he was raised in difficult circumstances. In his youth, it was obvious that he had incredible physical talent & he was proficient in several sports. He first came to the attention of the Brooklyn Dodgers and later the Pittsburgh Pirates who were able to acquire him in a supplemental draft. He played his entire career with the Pirates. As a player, he was known for his defensive prowess and his rifle arm. He won: 15 All Star nods, 12 Golden Gloves, 2 World Series & the 1966 NL MVP award. In the last game he played, he got his 3,000th hit. Just before Christmas in 1972, a massive earthquake hit Managua, Nicaragua. Within a week, Clemente gathered supplies, chartered a plane and was flying to Nicaragua. The plane crashed shortly after take-off, killing all onboard. Come and hear the the stories of his triumphs and his tragedies.