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The very name conjures images of ancient times and unknown events and the modern struggle to explain all of that.  When was Stonehenge constructed?  Who were the Druids?  What is the purpose of the concentric circles of stone?  Is Stonehenge … Continued

The Appalachian Trail

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Where can you hike across America?  Where can you see the backwoods of America that the early pilgrims and pioneers saw?  Where can you communicate with Nature and History all at the same time?  What is the Appalachian Trail?  What … Continued

Vincent Van Gogh

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He was born in 1857 in the Netherlands. He was born to a family that was long on love and short on many of the blessings of life. His father was a minister and so Vincent wanted to try that … Continued

Galileo Galilei

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Here is a man who still ranks as one of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived. He lived his entire life (1564 – 1642) in Italy and moved forward the concept of concise observation. He didn’t accept what had … Continued

The Events of May

In looking at the events of the month of May, I was struck once again at the incredible variety of significant items that have taken place during that month.  Interestingly enough, they include the following and many more: 1519 – … Continued

Madame Marie Curie

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Her name speaks of great accomplishment.  Born in 1867, she lived in a time that did not allow women to do a whole lot outside the home, and yet she went on and became a scientist of the first order. … Continued

Heinrich Schliemann

He had a difficult childhood, but had an extraordinary gift for languages, which paved the way for business opportunities, immense wealth and a different career prospect: archaeology. From his early childhood on, the ancient world always fascinated Schliemann. He was … Continued


Destruction and impact. It was a vacation town on the west coast of Italy during the Roman Empire. On August 24, 79 A.D. Mount Vesuvius exploded. That explosion buried the adjoining area. It was buried for over 1000 years. The … Continued

Leonardo Da Vinci

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Arguably the greatest artist ever. The story has obscure beginnings that include illegitimacy. His opportunities were limited, but his talent was not. He became well known and could pick and choose projects, but his interests were so varied that his … Continued

Alexandre Dumas

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For someone who wrote such incredible stories, how close did fiction replicate the truth? This Alexandre had his father die when he was 4. The father was a banished and ignored war hero from the Napoleonic wars. The son recreated … Continued

Rudyard Kipling

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He came from a privileged background. He began writing and became the patriot voice of the British Empire. His words and his stories inspired generations. His children’s stories became classics (just ask Disney). Come and hear about him and his … Continued

William Wilberforce

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In England, they abolished the slave trade by passing laws. In America, we fought our bloodiest war. Come and hear the story of the man who was the driving force behind banishing slavery in England. Come and hear about William … Continued

Eleanor of Aquitaine

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This woman dominated her century (the 1100s). She became the queen of France and later the queen of England. Two of her four sons became Kings of England. She and her husband (Henry II) did not get along, and yet … Continued


A year of tragedy in a decade of turmoil. The 1960s changed how America viewed the world. One of those years, 1968, was heart wrenching. With the assassinations and the unexpected statement from the White House and the war protests … Continued


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His charmed life and his ignominious ending. Napoleon Bonaparte came from beginnings that didn’t offer much promise. His one chance of success and fame was to be the opportunity to join the French military. His unexpected success on the battlefield … Continued


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The man and his art. His very name inspires awe and almost reverence in seeing what he did. His art transcends time and culture and perception. His greatest masterpiece (arguably) was the Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel ceiling was done … Continued

Hitler & Stalin

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Their very names invoke hatred, fear and loathing. They ruled their respective countries with an iron fist. Millions of their countrymen were killed at their orders. Their backgrounds were remarkably similar. They both grew up in abusive situations. Both had … Continued


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His impact in the world of his time. The very name inspires questions and wonder. Here is the story of a man who never traveled more than 50 miles from his home, and yet he impacted the world. Here is … Continued

The House of Tudor

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Henry VII through Elizabeth I. The name of that line of kings and queens in English history inspires curiosity and wonder. Would anyone trade a kingdom for a horse? Could any man ever have six wives? What was the “Divine … Continued

The Story of Ulysses

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From Homer to Virgil to Dante to Tennyson. The mention of his name conjures images of greatness. We hear of him from Homer and his feats of military might. Virgil becomes a guide of choice for Dante on his discovery … Continued

Jane Austen

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For someone who lived a very recluse life, Jane Austen created characters that have dominated literary discussions for 200 years. What was her world all about? Who was she and how did her life impact her art? Come and see … Continued

Lewis Carroll

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How could a genius math professor create a story that would transform children’s literature? Come and take a tour of the school where he taught. You can even see how the Harry Potter world was impacted. Hear about the impact … Continued