The Appalachian Trail

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Where can you hike across America?  Where can you see the backwoods of America that the early pilgrims and pioneers saw?  Where can you communicate with Nature and History all at the same time?  What is the Appalachian Trail?  What distance does it cover?  Today, when you hike it, you can start in Key West Florida in the Everglades and you can hike through the Florida Panhandle into Alabama and into Georgia.  The trail continues North through the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.  It then covers much of western Virginia and a corner of Maryland into Pennsylvania.  It then goes through a corner of New Jersey into New York, up the side of the Hudson River into Massachusetts and Vermont.  You then cross into New Hampshire and into Maine.  The history of the trail and its additions over the years is quite a story.  The people involved have often devoted their lives to the development of this trail.  Come and hear about who those people are and what they did and find out about the allure of seeing America while hiking.