Hannukah & Christmas

Those two terms inspire an incredible amount of feeling and emotion and connection. Those two terms represent the most profound holidays that connect their respective believers to the core tenets that define them. Hannukah came about as the results of a revolt in that began in 168 B.C. The city of Jerusalem had been captured and the temple had been desecrated. The Jewish rebellion regained control of their city and their temple in 164 B.C. The rededication of the temple required the burning of sacred oil for eight days. Only enough oil was found to burn for one day. The oil was lit and it burned for eight days. That has always been considered a miracle in Jewish culture and has become known as the Festival of Lights.

The story of Christmas has a history almost as long. It began with the birth of Jesus and his story in the New Testament over 2000 years ago. In the centuries since, that event has been celebrated in art and music. As a nation, the United States did not celebrate Christmas in the beginning years. How did we come to such a celebration today? Come and hear the stories of these two very important holidays.