Vincent Van Gogh

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He was born in 1857 in the Netherlands. He was born to a family that was long on love and short on many of the blessings of life. His father was a minister and so Vincent wanted to try that … Continued

John Wayne

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He was born in Iowa in 1907 and as a small child, the family moved to California. His childhood dog was named Duke and that stuck to him a whole lot better than his birth name, Marion Morrison. He was … Continued

Galileo Galilei

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Here is a man who still ranks as one of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived. He lived his entire life (1564 – 1642) in Italy and moved forward the concept of concise observation. He didn’t accept what had … Continued

The Events of November

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The month of November is known for many things.  It is the month of memories and celebrations:  Veteran’s Day (the 11th) and Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday) and the opening of the Vietnam War Memorial (1982) come to mind.  It is … Continued