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The very name conjures images of ancient times and unknown events and the modern struggle to explain all of that.  When was Stonehenge constructed?  Who were the Druids?  What is the purpose of the concentric circles of stone?  Is Stonehenge … Continued

William Wilberforce

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In England, they abolished the slave trade by passing laws. In America, we fought our bloodiest war. Come and hear the story of the man who was the driving force behind banishing slavery in England. Come and hear about William … Continued

Eleanor of Aquitaine

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This woman dominated her century (the 1100s). She became the queen of France and later the queen of England. Two of her four sons became Kings of England. She and her husband (Henry II) did not get along, and yet … Continued

The House of Tudor

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Henry VII through Elizabeth I. The name of that line of kings and queens in English history inspires curiosity and wonder. Would anyone trade a kingdom for a horse? Could any man ever have six wives? What was the “Divine … Continued