The Events of October

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The month of October has always held special interest because the last day of the month is Halloween.  That day alone conjures up images of fun and craziness and trick or treating.  However, there were many other events that took … Continued

The Events of March

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As we look at the events of history that took place during the month of March, it is amazing to know of the prominent events and the not so prominent events that have greatly impacted our lives.  The prominent events … Continued

The Events of August

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The month of August reminds us that summer still has a ways to go.  Many events have taken place during the month of August that dramatically have impacted American and world history.  Some of those events include: 1492 – Columbus … Continued

The Events of June

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Any time you review the events of a specific month, an array of known and unknown subjects come up.  Such is true when looking at the month of June.  We have well known holidays, such as Flag Day on the … Continued

Madame Marie Curie

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Her name speaks of great accomplishment.  Born in 1867, she lived in a time that did not allow women to do a whole lot outside the home, and yet she went on and became a scientist of the first order. … Continued

The Events of February

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During the month of February, as we celebrate the beginning of a new year, there are many other events of note that also take place.  Some are well known, such as Valentine’s Day and many are quite obscure, such as … Continued

The Events of April

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Sometimes in looking back at history, we focus on individuals or an event or a series of circumstances and we don’t necessarily look at a larger time frame.  In this presentation, we will look at the historical events during the … Continued

The Events of December

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The closing month of the year has no shortage of unique items that take place and represent the spectrum of history.  Some we know a lot about:  December 1st, 1955 – Rosa Parks sat in the wrong bus seat, December … Continued