Eli Whitney

He was born and raised in the North and was a young man (11) when the Revolutionary War started. From his earliest years, he had an intuitive sense of designing and building. Traveling to the South, he encountered the issue … Continued

Stephen Foster

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He was born on the 50th anniversary of America.  He came from a family who lived in the North and had strong feelings regarding the issue of slavery.  He did not have the opportunity of formal musical training, but became … Continued

Harriet Tubman

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The American Moses. She was born in poverty and slavery. She never had the benefit of a formal education. She had what we call street smarts. She inspired many slaves that freedom not only was better, but it was an … Continued

The 1850 Compromise

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In the spring of 1850, three of the most prominent men of the time united one last time to help hold the country together. Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay had spent their adult lives in the legislative … Continued

The Irish in America

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As a country, we have dealt with immigration issues for all of our history. This is the story of the Irish immigration. The potato blight of the 1840s drove thousands here. Who were they? What have they become? Come and … Continued

Mark Twain

The truly American voice. He was born in obscurity, but proud of his connection to Halley’s Comet. His ultimate goal was to become a river boat captain on the Mississippi River, but the Civil War changed all that. He served … Continued