Clara Barton – The American Nurse

She came from a background that wouldn’t have implied greatness.  She was very persistent and maybe that was the first clue as to how she would be in her life.  Clara Barton was the type of person who just did not seem to take “No” for an acceptable answer.  She accomplished a great deal of “firsts” in her life.  She was the first female employee in the US Patent Office.  She became the first to deliver medical supplies to a war zone and she did that constantly through the Civil War.  She became the first to identify recently deceased soldiers (at Andersonville Prisoner of War Camp) and that helped bring closure to thousands of families.  She was the first to bring about the American Red Cross.  She changed our modern world and made it so much better in how we act during times of crisis.  She truly was an American hero.  Come and hear her story.