The Events of November

The month of November is known for many things.  It is the month of memories and celebrations:  Veteran’s Day (the 11th) and Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday) and the opening of the Vietnam War Memorial (1982) come to mind.  It is the month to remember the sad event of an assassination of a president (1963).  It is the month to remember one of the greatest speeches ever given, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on the 19th in 1863.  There were great inventions:  Edison’s phonograph (1877), the first car race (1895), the Gillette razor (1904), the first motorcycle (1885) and the first Army Jeep (1940).  It was the ending of an era with the closing of Ellis Island (1954) and the bringing down of the Berlin Wall (1989).  The first family (the John Adam’s) moves into the new White House in 1800.  These are just a few of the many events that take place during the month of November.  Come and hear the stories about these events and find out why the month of November is so special.