The Events of May

In looking at the events of the month of May, I was struck once again at the incredible variety of significant items that have taken place during that month.  Interestingly enough, they include the following and many more: 1519 – the death of Leonardo da Vinci, 1961 – our first flight into space (it lasted 190 miles), 1914 – Mother’s Day declared, 1869 – the connecting of the railroad across America, 1796 – the first smallpox vaccination, 1980 – Mount St. Helens exploded, 1916 – Norman Rockwell’s first Saturday Evening Post cover, 1785 – Ben Franklin invented bifocals (and later trifocals), 1830 – The Cherokee Trail of Tears, 1953 – Mount Everest conquered and Memorial Day.  As you can see, there are amazing events during the month of May.  Come and hear these stories and so many more.

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